Creamy Whites Creamy Whites

I Hello everyone,      It is stormy here again tonight but we are toasty warm inside so we can't complain and it is getting milder with ...

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All the Colors of the Rainbow! All the Colors of the Rainbow!

Hello everyone,      How is your weekend going? We did get the snow storm that was predicted so everyone here had some digging out to do tod...

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Garden Pinks Garden Pinks

Hello everyone,     I am still on a garden theme but with a pink twist as I am joining Beverly for Pink Saturday again. So this first photo...

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Dreaming ! Dreaming !

Hello everyone,         There is another big storm headed our way tomorrow and since we already have tons of snow,I am just going to do a li...

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High Tea High Tea

Hello everyone,      I just found out there is a High Tea Party over at Decor to Adore so of course I wanted to join the party too. So, I q...

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