Hello everyone,
     The weather has turned more fallish her the last few days and we have had a touch of frost so I started to fluff up the sunroom a little bit as it is a nice place to sit for a bit on a cool but sunny day.
   I decided to put these two smaller wicker chairs in here for the winter this year. They were on the veranda all summer but I made a few changes there too for the fall.

I bought this little dresser at a yard sale earlier in the summer and it fits nicely under the old cabinet on the wall.
It is a good spot for a cup of tea.
Some late summer roses from our garden.

Some china in the cabinet.
I seem to have little stashes of china all over the house!

I love my new hatbox that I bought in Maine.

Well,that is my little sunroom fluffed up a little for those cooler days when it is too chilly to enjoy my tea time outdoors. This is the time of year that I start moving back indoors so I always like to make a few little changes inside to cozy things up a  bit more.

Today I am joining the house in the roses for Show off your cottage Monday.

Enjoy your day!



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