Hello everyone,
I remember the days when my sister and I used to fight over whose turn it was to wash the dishes-did you all do that too? Oh! and I do remember the day I was carrying a big stack of my Mom's dishes and I dropped the whole stack smashing them all on the floor-ouch! was my Mom cross!!! Sorry about that Mom- now that I am a dish lover I totally understand.
Anyway, today I thought you might enjoy watching me wash my pretty dishes.
I love all these dainty dishes!
Don't worry I am being extra careful-I won't break any today(and yes,Lacy if you are watching that is my pretty apron from England).
I don't know why My sister and I fought over doing the dishes -it is actually kind of fun now!
Some pretty vintage linens.
I hope I haven't lost you, because I think they are looking so pretty!
I found a new little teapot for one today and I couldn't resist it!
Isn't it so dainty?
My roses are blooming so I picked a little bouquet for you.
Well , I am supposed to be cooking dinner before my sister gets back so don't tell her that I was playing with my dishes-okay?
Thank you for visiting me and I will be very careful putting my dishes away-I did learn that lesson very well !!!


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