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I hope you all enjoyed a lovely weekend. We took some time off from our project and enjoyed our weekend. Since it is Mosaic Monday and Show off Your Cottage Monday I thought I would join in both today.

The mosaic above is my Valentine gift from my beloved-it is a beautiful white orchid and a pretty new teapot(one can never have too many)!

The grocery store had some pretty potted roses so I couldn't resist as I will divide it in two or three when it is warm enough to plant out doors and with luck it will bloom for years in the garden. Since I love roses and teacups I brought out my yellow teacups to make this mosaic for you.

I always love an opportunity to share my red and white transferware collection.

I finally have enough to fill the shelves in between the cupboards. Now,I am thinking a third shelf would look good!

This gravy boat was a gift from my sister in law.

The pitcher and basin came from Coulson's in Summerside=it seems that is where a lot of my treasures come from and at very reasonable prices too.

This teapot I found in an antique mall in Maine.

I love finding ways to display my china so this was a find for me!

I remembered this morning that some of you asked to share my view on the movie Dear John and I have to confess I liked the book much better. I think I could only rate it a 6 out of 10 but maybe my expectations were too high since I loved the book!

So, there is lots for you to enjoy at the Little Red House and also at Cielo's House in the Roses.

Thank you Mary and Cielo for hosting


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