Happy Valentine's Day everyone and of course it is also Pink Saturday. So today I thought I would serve you breakfast in bed.

You can start off with a healthy strawberry smoothie. I have a smoothie almost every morning with yogurt,banana,milk,and one other fruit such as strawberries ,peaches etc. I think it is a good way to start the day.

I made you some buttermilk wholewheat pancakes as well and since it is Valentines I made them heart shaped for you.

Since it is pink Saturday too,I put some pink linens on the bed.

and I am using some pink china-remember this teapot that my husband gave me a few years ago for Valentines Day. I wonder what this Valentines Day will bring!

a heart on the pretty pink chenille bedspread.

This little lamp was an ugly yellow when I brought it home but a coat of paint and a new lampshade was just the thing for it.

Well,it is a beautiful sunny day here so you probably don't want to linger in bed too long and Beverly is expecting you at How Sweet the Sound.

Happy Valentine's Day and I hope you feel loved and will share some love with someone else either a special someone or a lonely neighbor.Every day,I see lots of lonely elderly folks who would love to have a visitor!

Thank you for taking the time to visit me.



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