I am happy you came for a cup of tea in the sunroom. Even though it is cold outside the sun has warmed this little sunroom up nicely and you can really feel the heat from it. Some of you may remember having breakfast in the sunroom awhile ago.
But today we are having tea and some pretty scotch cookies.
Don't worry there are more in the cookie jar so please help yourself!
See,I told you I had more!
I love having some plants in here but it is still too cold at night to leave them in here so I move them in at night. Pretty soon they can stay and later I will start some seeds in trays and watch them grow.
Maybe you would like to do some knitting while you are here-I could use a new pair of mitts (HeHe!)
I love the lace curtain on the way to the sunroom.
If you don't want to knit you can enjoy the magazine while I get more tea and cookies.
Or just put your feet up and relax!
Aren't they almost to pretty to eat? Well,almost but not quite!
Last week when it was mild we moved the furniture out and gave the floor a couple of coats of Ivory paint- it was green before with a mat painted on it but this is brighter and fresher.I am still playing around with furniture in here so don't be surprised if I drag you back.
I love the daintiness of this china.
Well,there are lots more whites to see at Kathleen's Faded Charm and Rhondi at Rose Colored Glasses is also celebrating Wednesday Whites so enjoy!
Thank you so much for sharing tea with me.


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