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Didn't I tell you that I love teapots? I hope you are not bored with my teapot theme -next week.I promise I will have moved on to something else! We are still working on our 'project' and I am happy to say that the wallpaper is all removed and the walls have been painted so progress at last!
Even though I collect red and white transferware I do have a collection of blue and white also and I love this tea set.
a small teapot with it's own cup under it.
yard sale find
Some of you might remember this one-from Reid House Antiques.
old teapot from yard sale for $1.
Another gift from my husband.
This one is for my English afternoon teas!
I can't resist chintz-can you?
This teapot came from TJMAX. The mother and baby ornament was a gift from my husband also several years ago after the birth of one of our children so it is very special to me!
Actually, the beautiful mother and child plate was another gift from Andrew after the birth of one of our daughters-isn't he good to me!
And finally a teapot for our grandchildren's tea parties.
Wow! Congratulations to Heather Moyse from little Prince Edward Island and her partner Kaillie Humphries who just won the gold medal in bobsleighing at the Olympics!!!
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