Hello Everyone,

I hope you enjoyed your weekend. We had a lovely weekend but there is a definite hint of fall in the air lately- I can't believe summer could be almost over. I do enjoy Fall too but I am hanging onto summer as long as I can! I better squeeze in some more beach days soon.

If you are not tired of my garden shots I wanted to share some photos of the phlox blooming now in our garden and putting on quite a show!

The phlox above is Franz Schubert-it is a lovely mauve and white and mildew resistant.

This is a new phlox that I bought last year- Peppermint twist.

I have had this phlox for a long time and don't remember the name of it.

This one is a really intense blue.

The tall white phlox is David a lovely tall one with large trusses of bloom just starting now.It is very disease free here.

The purple and white one in the foreground is Laura another mildew resistant one that I love.there is another phlox beside it with bicolor monkshood behind it.

Bright eyes phlox.

A varigated phlox that adds color all season.

I have large clumps of phlox scattered in drifts throughout much of the garden.

I love phlox with hydrangea(these are Limelight). this is the garden out out the road.

A friend gave me this one and i love the color with the Annebelle hydrangea behind it.

Phlox is a spreader which has allowed me to place it around the garden as I divide it in the spring. Some of it is prone to mildew but I try to ignore some imperfections on the foliage and enjoy the beauty of the flowers but if some mildew bothers you the new varieties are usually mildew free. I have sprayed them in the past with 1 tablespoon of baking soda ,a few drops of ivory dish detergent and a gallon of water but didn't bother this year. I have also heard that milk sprayed on them regularly is a good deterrent-has anyone tried that? We grow organically and overlook a few imperfections- if everything was perfect it would be boring - right???

Anyway,thanks for coming around the garden again and I promise I will share something different this coming week.

Take care,



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