Hello everyone,
I am always happy when the new peaches arrive in the stores as they are one of my favorite fruit.So last week I bought several baskets of them.
So then I made some of our favorite peach desserts. This is my husband's favorite-peach cobbler.
and I love creamy peach crumble pie.
always good with a cup of tea.
and a peachy bouquet
A peach teacup for you.
and then of course I had to make several jars of peach jam for biscuits or scones.
I thought you might like the recipe-hope you can read it. This is the lazy way of posting for a slow typer. Click on to enlarge.
This is a close up of the softest shade of peach foxglove from the bouquet.
I am going out for the day with my good friend Mildie on our annual day trip - just touring on our own fair Isle but always a nice time.
So now I hope you have a peachy day too!
Take care,


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