This is another view of our Chelsea Garden-it has a lot of daylillies in bloom now.

The east side of our house

The hillside garden

A view of the garden(from our balcony) on the west side of the house enclosed by a picket fence and two arbors.

I like to think of this as a secret garden because it is hidden by the barn on one side and a hedgerow on the other with a picket fence and arbor to enter.

One side of the allee garden.

The garden that takes you to the main door of our house.

This is another side of the southern bed-I hope I haven't confused you. Someday soon, I am hoping to do a little video which would make a tour more interesting.

The bed at the road is just coming into it's peak and so I will show it next week.

Thank you for taking a garden tour with me today and I hope you enjoy Show and tell at My Romantic Home

Take care,



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