Hello everyone,

I thought I would pop in and share a few photos that I took yesterday morning when our temperatures had dropped down below freezing but the sun was coming up making a lovely grey foggy morning. We went for a little drive close to home and I got out and took a few pics here and there along the way.

The photo above is our little grey garden cottage.

This pond is in Lot 65 about 10 minutes from our home.

same pond - different angle. Most of our leaves are gone now.

It does look frosty!

In case you are wondering - we do have paved roads too! I just happen to love the road less travelled!

Sun and shadow.

Almost all the crops are in now.

This is a corn field on our little road - half harvested.

Well, thanks for coming along for the drive through hills and dales with me today. After the cold morning our temps soared to 17 degrees celsuis for a few days although it is rainy but I have been out in the little cottage working on a project so it was nice to have some warmth. I will show you the project next week.

Tomorrow, I am off with my three girls for a shopping spree to Moncton, in our neighboring province.We are all looking forward to a girl's day out!

Hope you have a great weekend,



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