Hello everyone!
   We are having a wet and very windy day here as a northeaster is stalled over us for a few days. If the temp was a little colder , we would be loaded with snow but alas not a flake of the white stuff! Well, as we always say here at least we don't have to shovel it !

Since it is a wild and wooly day her I enjoyed spending some time in the kitchen ,making a pot of carrot soup and scones-comfort food. I also made these apple cranberry strudel muffins to enjoy with a good cup of tea.

This is one of my favorite teacups- a gift from my sweet husband.
The teapot is an old one that I bought in an antique shop in Maine on one of our little trips across the border.

Go ahead pour yourself a nice cup of tea and grab a muffin or two as well.

The snowy picture below came from Helene Flont today in my emails.  It put a smile on my face as it may be the only snow I will see this Christmas although some flurries are predicted for Christmas Eve so I am hopeful still. Thank you Helene, I love that you took the time to send this to me! Helene is a lovely artist and you can see her beautiful blogs here.

 Well, I hope you enjoyed a little break in your busy day. I still have a few presents to buy so I better hit the mall tomorrow. I know you probably have yours all wrapped and ready to go but I can be a procrastinator sometimes- I hope you haven't noticed that!!!
  With all this wind I wouldn't be surprised if we lost power for awhile- a tree came down in our garden just missing our power line- phew!

Thank you so joining me for a little Christmas tea today.

I am joining Sandi again for Tea Time Tuesday at Rose Chintz Cottage where she hosts a lovely tea.



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