Hello everyone,
     I thought with all the hustle and bustle you might want to stop and relax for a bit in our little sunroom which was bright and cheery today with the sun shining. 

You might already know that I love this wooden angel.

I made a treat for you -it is delicious and so easy to make. Actually it is even good for you. It is peppermint chocolate Vitasoy organic  beverage. It is delicious hot or cold and a little whipped cream and cinnamon makes it all the better for a little afternoon treat.
I made some sugar cookies for you too!
You are surrounded by nature.
even reindeer.

A santa wreath

Some fresh pine and rosehips

I know ,I know enough already!

I love this iron sheep too.

A collage for you.

Above is a photo from my Christmas Past & Present blog if you would like to visit just click here.

I hope you enjoyed a little break- I know I did!

Thank you for visiting and for all your kind words.

Take care,



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