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  If some  of you may have noticed I have been a bit absent lately it is because my husband and I went away on a little trip for six days down to the Christmas Prelude in Kennebunkport Maine. We have been to this charming little town a couple of times before, but never for the Christmas Prelude, and since I love Christmas  it was all very beautiful to me! 
  Come along and I will show you a little bit of this beautiful little town in all it's Christmas finery.Christmas Prelude was voted the number two best Christmas celebrations in the United States by HGTV. They have a website with beautiful photos if you would like to see more click here.
The Inn above was so breathtaking ,with thousands of mini lights on trees and shrubs and the wreaths on the windows etc. It is "The White Farm Inn".


This shop was absolutely beautiful with all the trees and colored hanging balls etc. I think the owner but so much work and creativity into this display. I think she thought of everything because she even had heaters out to warm you up and she serves nice delicious sweets and punch outside . Inside are all kinds of beautiful things to tempt you. I love how the ceiling was decorated inside too. You can click to enlarge for a better look.

These carolers outside a beautiful old inn are so charming. I was really hoping for a little snow to add to the beauty but, alas it was not to be.
I love walking around the town as nearly everyone has beautiful wreaths etc.

  Doorway to another Inn.

My photos don't do justice, to how beautiful the night time was here.

In Dock Square in the evening there were carolers singing as we waited for Former First Lady Laura Bush to light the tree. 
This is our charming room under the eaves in the lovely Harbour Inn.
This was the front porch. I loved coming back after the caroling etc. to sit by the fire with a hot cup of tea and some cranberry loaf with our friendly hostess.
 This was our cute little bathroom. My husband was glad we didn't have to wallpaper it with all those angles!
Even the bridge between Kennebunk and Kennebunkport was beautifully decorated with greenery and lights.
 more shops decorated.
 The tree in Dock Square with 13,000 lights on it!
 there was lots to see all around the town and surrounding areas.
There are lots of temptations for me as there are so many antique shops.

Well, we had a great time but now I am feeling a little behind in my own decorating ,visiting, baking etc. I am behind on checking in to see what all of you have been up to as well, so lots to see and do!

Thank you to all who have visited me and all who left kind words(I preposted a few posts before I left).

Hope you enjoyed a peek into the Christmas Prelude in Kennebunkport, Maine- it is aprox. a ten hour drive from where we live.

Take care,


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