Hello everyone,
      It does look like a' White Christmas' here as we have a good cover of snow already. I don't think it will last though as we are supposed to be going up to double digit temperatures in a few days.
 However, as I am still having camera troubles so I went through my old photos again to find some White Christmas photos to share with you-sorry about that!
   I will soon be starting my baking for the Christmas house tour on Dec 10th but I am not quite ready for that yet.
I love a beautiful crisp day in winter.

The sunroom last year at Christmas-it is still on my to do list for this year.
I do love angels.
Our kitchen /dining room.

Hopefully,I will have my camera situation fixed soon and our house decorated for the season and then I will have some new photos for you.

 I love a White Christmas but I also love the warm and cozy colors too and seem to have a mix in our house so tomorrow I will have to share some of those photos. What about you what look do you prefer for your Christmas decorating?

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