Hello everyone.
     It is a happy day here for our family as our little grandson Lucas has been accepted into the drug trial in Montreal that offers hope of slowing down the muscle wasting that is part of  duchenne muscular dystrophy that he was diagnosed with 4 years ago. I know many of you have been praying for him and I want to say a big THANK YOU to all who remembered him in prayer.
     Lucas and his Mama will be flying from the Island(P.E.I.) to Montreal every week for a year.  Lucas will get his treatments and be closely monitored during the trial. We pray that this drug will help Lucas and the other boys in the trials around the world. We pray the drug will pass the safety standards and improve  the boys quality of life..
    We are  thankful  so many people around the world  remembered Lucas and his family in prayer and hope that you will continue to pray for them.
    It was wonderful to hear that after Lucas completed his walk test he ran to his mother and jumped into his Mama's arms and smothered her in kisses-he was so proud of himself! This dear child has been blessed with a sunny personality and enjoys his life to the fullest.

We are so thankful our prayers have been answered in the way we had hoped for, and that God gives us  the strength to go through the trials and tribulations of life.

I hope you too are counting your blessings!

Thank you again and enjoy your weekend.

p.s.  My daughter and I are organizing a Christmas House tour for DMD on Dec. 10th for anyone local that would like to attend. Our house and little garden cottage will be on the tour as well as three other beautiful homes. I will be decorating early this year so I will soon be sharing that with you soon-you know I love the Christmas season!


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