Hello everyone,
      I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Today, I want to share some of the little details in the Christmas Cottage. On the corner cupboard above I added greenery to the cream dishes for a holiday look.

On the french style vanity there are some feminine touches.
This antique was given to me by my 94 year old neighbor whose maiden aunt made this nightgown out of flour bags and beautiful hand crochet lace..I was given two of these treasures and I happily display them in our guest room.
This antique lace doily with the angels on it came from the 70 mile yardsale and it is over 100 years old.
I love this angel that I bought a few years ago at TJMAXX.
I have a collection of father Christmas'.
Curl up in bed with a tea tray.
Or maybe you like to knit-I used to knit  sweaters,mitts and little dresses etc. when my children were small
I can't resist angels

Love candlelight too.
Sweet little handmade mittens.
Small Christmas trees-did you know you can make your old green ones ivory, by soaking them in bleach for awhile?

Who could resist this reproduction doll-I made her little dress several years ago.

Well, that is some of the little details in the Christmas Cottage.

It seems my Canon Rebel camera which I love has wore out, (it keeps coming up error) so unless Santa comes early I am going to be going through withdrawal!

 Thank you to all who left so many kind words on the Christmas Cottage and welcome to all my new followers too- I am happy to have all of you!

Take care,


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