Hello everyone,
    It was a beautiful morning here today and we were pleasantly surprised to find that our pond had frozen over, thick enough to go skating on. So,my husband and I donned our skates and went for a skate. It has been years since we were skating but I guess it is somewhat like riding a bike, you never forget how, once you learn.
 Anyway,after all that fresh air and exercise it was Tea Time.
This Skye McGhie 'Brown Botanicals' teapot was a little Christmas gift to myself. I found it when I was out shopping with my daughter at the Friends and Flowers shop, in Kensington P.E.I.-it is a lovely shop full of treasures!

Since I ate way too much of the sweet stuff over Christmas, I am having some caramel yogurt(my new fav) with raspberries and granola with my tea. The vase is also the 'Brown Botanicals'.
Try it-you will love it!

See the cute little skates in the background?
Don't worry-I have a cup for you too! this one is Brown Toile-'Peppertree Tabletops'.
And another cup for your friend-made in England but no name.
There I am! Yikes another bad hair day too!
But give me a few more hours of practice and I will really be kicking up my heels,I am sure!!!

Thank you for coming by for my Skaters Tea-I had fun,did you? I am looking forward to a skating party with the little ones soon. The temp is dropping down tonight so the ice should be good and solid.When is the next full moon,we could have a bonfire,hot cocoa,toasted marshmellows -oh,what fun! I love winter don't you?

I am joining Rose Chintz Cottage for Tea Time Tuesday today.

Take care,


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