Hello everyone,
     Did you have a lovely weekend? I spent some time taking pictures of everything from tulips to little ones in pink tutus so I will have more to share with you this week.
I have made a few changes in our kitchen. This harvest table was one we bought many years ago when all our children were young and used to sit around this table having their meals and doing homework etc.It was a dark pine when we bought it. Anyway,my daughter had it for her family and recently got a new one so when we got it back I thought it was time for a coat of white paint-now I like it a lot better but it only has the base coat on yet.
The red and white pitcher and basin came from Coulson's in Summerside a few years ago and I love it filled with white tulips locally grown.

The shelf above the wood pellet stove.
The walls in our kitchen are a gray color with a hint of taupe.
I like being able to display my red and white transferware in these little racks.

I enjoy making a few changes around the house this time of year - it is the little details that make a home cozy don't you think?

Thank you for visiting.



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