Hello everyone,
    I was away for a couple of days with some of our family so I am running a little late for my tea time today.However,now I am going to relax and have a little break.

Instead of tea today I am enjoying some hot chocolate with whipped cream in a pretty cream mug with a matching teapot-thrift shop finds awhile ago.
Maybe you would prefer this pretty cream teacup.
I found this cream angel lamp at a thrift shop also-I love the ceramic lampshade with angels on it.
Would you like to sit and knit for awhile-it is a relaxing winter hobby.I used to knit a lot when our children were young but now-not so much!
I wanted to show you a close up of the shade.
Cream mittens and a handmade cream lace tablecloth.

This beautiful angel cuddling a wee one is the lamp base.
I am still enjoying my first winter bouquet of tulips-I keep them in a cool place at night to make them last longer.
I wanted to have a pretty cupcake to go in here but alas,no time to bake so I put a similar angel inside instead.I got the little cake dome at Homesense.
Ginger cookies go well with hot chocolate but angel cookies would have been prettier-alas,never enough time!

Hope you enjoyed a peaceful little break with a nice cup of hot chocolate.

Some of you have asked how Lucas (our six year old grandson) is doing and we are happy to say that he is doing well with all the travel and the treatment.He seems to have more energy and he is still a busy, good natured little boy and we are so thankful to see him run and play! Thank you for your concern and prayers-we hope you will continue to remember him in prayer as the trial continues until October.

I am joining Rose Chintz Cottage for Tea Time Tuesday..

Thank you for your visit and once again welcome to all my new followers and a big thank you for all your kind  comments and emails.

Take care,


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