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The garden is starting to come into bloom now and with a few warm days it is amazing the difference it makes. Today was a perfect day for working in the garden and my roses,clematis and most of my hydrangea have been pruned,several beds have been weeded and edged with a few more to go.

The collage above is made from photos I took today in the sunroom.

These are new tulips that I bought last fall at Vesey's -they are yellow doubles. i think they are pretty already!

some of the early tulips are blooming now.

I like the different varieties of daffodils.

more tulips and muscari

hostas are coming along well

the early peonies are in bud.

pretty pansies

The magnolia is in bloom.

I am always happy to see the bees buzzing in the garden-this is redstart pulmonaria

Isn't this little Thalia dainty?

The ferns are growing in some shady areas.

Well,that is a few of the blooms in the garden that I took today- soon there will be a lot more to share as the beds fill in. When, we finish getting the beds done in the garden ,I am looking forward to setting up the veranda for the season and also our little garden cottage needs to be cleaned out and set up for summer-I will share photos of that later.

I am joining in with Cindy at My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday again. I know you will enjoy checking out all the beauty over there.

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