Hi everyone,

I am glad you stopped by for a cup of tea.

I made some lovely buttermilk biscuits for us today. Biscuits are my husbands favorite baked treat but I made a double batch so there is some for all of us!

I am using up our homemade jam because the rhubarb is coming along nicely so I will soon make a new patch of jam.

I am happy to be able to pick flowers from the garden once again. The tulips are starting to bloom now along with narcissus etc.

The new Victoria is out and it is so beautiful-I would have bought it for the cover alone!

But inside there is lots of beauty.

Doesn't it say summer!

Thank you to all who have left such nice comments lately on my blog and I am sorry to not get back to you but this is a very busy time in the garden for us(our garden covers 2 1/2 acres) and we have tours starting early next month.

I would like to thank Madeline over at http://theshabbyvanity.blogspot.com/ for the lovely new blog background she did for me -I love it!
I am looking forward to the Victorian Tea Party over at Cielo's The House in the Roses on Monday- why don't you join in too?

Now I am joining in with Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage for her Teatime Tuesday again this week - why don't you join her for a cup of tea too!

Thank you for visiting,



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