Hello everyone,

Today my friend Shelia is hosting a Kitchen Party and I want to join in- I hope I am not too late! I took these photos today and it was cloudy when I took them so they are not the best.

You might know that I love dishes-especially red transferware so my cupboards are getting pretty full-but I know there is always room for more!

I will open the doors so you can get a better look!

Now, the other side.

Closer up.

In the middle

I actually had a little party in my kitchen today as we had some visitors from Japan.

We enjoyed some hot apple cider.

I picked this big bouquet from the garden this morning.

These are my cupboards. We renovated our kitchen about 5 years ago.

the cupboards are ivory with a antiqueing glaze over them.

The baywindow in the dining area has a good view of the garden.

Now, I hope you can stay and enjoy a cup of tea with me or maybe some hot apple cider!

Thank you, Shelia at Note Songs for hosting this fun party- I am looking forward to seeing all the pretty kitchens over there!


Thank you for visiting me today,



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