Hello everyone,

I hope you all enjoyed 'The Heart of the Home' party over at Note Songs yesterday. I always enjoy a peek into other peoples kitchens so it was a great evening for me. Thank you to all who visited and left kind words on my kitchen too.

Today, I have some sheer beauty for you that was inspired by a hatbox I received that had several hats but also some old gloves and sheer scarfs from my husbands 92 year old aunt.

I especially love the white sheer gloves.

I try to imagine a time when ladies dressed up in there 'Sunday Best' and donned a hat and gloves to go out to visit. I can see where these dainty gloves could come in handy to cover these gardener's hands oh,

and I already know the benefit of a hat for my many bad hair days!

The gloves made me think of little beaded purses , cameo's and pearls.

and a little beaded case for eye glasses.

I love the delicate beauty of this geranium.

The sheer scarf and gloves are so pretty.

A collage of sheer beauty for you.

It is a beautiful sunny day today but we had ice in the birdbaths the last couple of nights so we know the garden will soon be put to bed for it's winter sleep while we rest and plan for the new garden season in the spring. We have a tour of 29 people from Japan coming tomorrow and then we will do some serious fall cleanup. I need to plant some new tulips etc. to enjoy next spring and then we gardeners can rest.

I hope you find some sheer beauty in your day!

Take care,



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