Hello everyone,

I think we all love a nice sunny day even if we can't be outdoors and I know I feel uplifted just seeing the sunshine streaming into our home so i thought I would share some of my photos taken over the past year of some 'Heavenly Sunshine'.

Well , not exactly indoors but our veranda(screened in) decorated for fall.

I love how warm and cosy our bedroom looks with the sunshine - it takes on such a warm glow.

You have probably noticed I am a big toile fan!

Is that more toile? this is part of our dining area and it has been changed around several times.

This is the same window area now but I am changing it soon for winter.

I took this photo this morning and the sun was streaming in but I didn't capture it very well!

Lucas! You little ray of sunshine, how did you get in here? Well, our grandchildren really are the sunshine of our lives aren't they?

Sunshine flooding the stairway from the bay window on the landing to our bedroom.

Love that sunshine.

Sunshine in our little sunroom upstairs off our bath.

Sunlight flooding the porch with warmth.

Our bath with sunlight coming from the sunporch windows.

I cleaned the cottage up for our last two home and garden tours next week and so I took a shot of it flooded with sunshine.

I am not great at doing picture pile ups but it is fun trying.

Well, I hope wherever you are, your life is filled with 'Heavenly Sunshine' !

I am joining Cindy at My Romantic Home for Show & Tell Friday again.

Have a wonderful weekend,



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