Hello everyone,

I want to share some of the autumn colors in our garden with you today. It was a nice day to be out doing some clean up jobs but I got side tracked a bit with my camera as I love to record the changes in the garden-daily it might seem to some of you! I enjoy all my garden photos so much in the winter time when I start to dream of it's return. I am sure all you gardener's do that too.

I love how the foliage of the hardy rugosa type roses turn bright autumn colors.

With pretty rosehips.

Some of the burning bushes have lost most of their leaves while a few in shadier spots are just turning.

I still enjoy the hydrangeas even through they have turned brown.They give such a long season of color.

The purple nineback.

Sedum is another easy care plant with a long season of interest.

Even seed heads give interest and beauty and feed the birds besides.

The sumac are so pretty in the fall.

Still lots of berries on the golden elders although the birds have been enjoying them for weeks now.

I was pleasantly surprised to see we still have a few roses blooming-I think this one is sexy rexy.

close up shot.

This little fairy(3 year old granddaughter Abby) came to visit and was the original reason for grabbing my camera. She is proudly holding a bag of treats from a Halloween party-I see a sugar high coming on!

Have a wonderful weekend,



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