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Oh! how quickly the month of October is speeding by and before we know it we will be getting ready for Christmas- I am already looking forward to decorating our home next month as it cheers me in the grey days of November. I don't do much fall decorating as I like to hang on to summer as long as I can and then when the garden cleanup is done I am already thinking Christmas so I do very little in the way of fall decorating unless you count fall bouquets and a few pumpkins.

However,I have always loved the Christmas season and over the years have collected a lot of decorations-the attic comes in handy! This year some of the rooms in our home have been redecorated in a way that doesn't suit the old way of decorating so in spite of the fact that last year when taking all that 'stuff' down I was saying to my husband that maybe this year I would do very little decorating to see how that worked he laughed at me! I guess he knows me too well because I have already checked out the Christmas books from the library and have dug out all my own books and magazines to pour over. So what about you are you already thinking about Christmas?

Anyway, today I have a comfy spot for you to have a cup of tea and relax for a bit. Once again I have changed the bay window area of our kitchen/dining room but as my Mom always says a change is as good as a rest!

So curl up for a bit and enjoy the fall garden and watch the birds coming and going at the bird feeder.

This little nook has crochet lace valences and old lace tablecloths used as curtains on either side.I am moving my outdoor plants indoors for the winter and the plant stand as well. I love the plant stand that came from Winner's(tjmaxx).

The pretty teacup and teapot came from there as well. The needlepoint pillow came from a little shop in Murray Harbour called Miss Elly's Genteel Gifts (love that name).

I do enjoy the geraniums in the house over the long winter months.

The quilt on the chaise was a gift from my girls-they knew I would love it!

Here are the recipes a couple of you asked for last week. We love them both!

Well, linger as long as you like it is a wet day so it is cozy here with the wood pellet stove going to take the chill out of the kitchen and I will get you more tea.

Today, I am joining Sandi for her lovely Tea Time Tuesday at Rose Chintz Cottage- see you there!

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