Hello Everyone,
      I am happy to have you stop by for another cup of tea in the garden on this beautiful autumn afternoon(these shots were actually taken a couple of weeks ago).I love the light in autumn but I had to block a little sun for us with the umbrella.
 The old bicycle above used to be my Dad's -when he was in his 70's he used to skoot around town on it.

I am using black and white toile today and I picked a lovely bouquet from the garden for our table.I love the toile vase they are in.

I do have a collection of black and white transferware but smaller then my red and white collection. I do find transferware in any color hard to resist-don't you?

Sorry,this pic is a bit washed out-all that sunshine!

An old basket full of hrdrangeas.

An old toile trasferware sugar bowl with an interesting history that came tucked away inside it.

If you would like to read I included a photo of it-hope you can read it.

Some hydrangeas and ivy in the cones on the arbor-built by my husband several years ago.

Sit down and relax for awhile and I will pull up another chair.
Well the garden has taken on more of it's autumn look in the last couple of weeks but I will have to give you a tour soon-it may not be as pretty as earlier in the season but it still has it's charm in the golden light of autumn.
If you love transferware you must visit Nancy at Nancy's Daily Dish as she has the biggest collection I have ever seen and she sells them in her online shop.
  I am joining Sandi today for Tea Time Tuesday again where there is always a welcoming cup of tea for all who visit her as well at Rose Chintz Cottage.

I hope you have a wonderful day!



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