Hello Everyone,
     It is hard to believe it is already August and our garden is at it's peak around this time of year as it has matured and has lots of color  now.

Jackmani clematis is so beautiful now.
The Virginia creeper is covering part of the window-just the way I like it in summer-a leafy green curtain!
The Anthony Walker Spirea is blooming with the pink phlox.
Anneabelle Hydrangea with white Monkshood.
the east side of the Allee garden.
The west side of the Allee garden.

You might notice I have lots of Anneabelle hydrangea as it is easy to divide and move in the spring-so why not have it all around the garden as it is easy to care for and blooms a long time and pretty too!

This is the east side of our house and the Allee is east of from this.

There are so many daylillies blooming now hundreds of them!Once again, they can be divided in spring and moved around or early fall would work too.

East side again.
this is the centre of the Allee and it will be getting a makeover this fall as it blocks some of the view of the pond so I will show you later the updated version.

This is our new duck pond in our field east of our house.This area was boggy and not used before. It is still a work in progress but I can see lots of potential and I think many photo ops!

I am joining My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday today.

Thank you for coming on another garden tour with me today.



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