Hello Everyone,
        We just had a thunder and lightning storm pass through here and we are getting more rain again. I haven't had to worry about watering this summer and the roses seem to be enjoying getting a regular dose of water as they have bloomed well this summer.

I think roses add so much romance to the garden or in the home.

I thought I would show you my pink roses today.

Heritage Rose.

Prairie Princess-I remember that Kathy Renweld used to recommend this rose on 'The Gardener's Journal' -do any of you Canadians remember this show from several years ago. I used to love it and still have some shows taped that I watch in late winter sometimes.

I think this is Country Dancer but I am not positive.

Mary Rose

Antique rose.

I am not sure of the name of all my roses sadly, as I have been adding roses every year to the garden for 20 years and my memory fails me sometimes!
 I have other colors too but today it is all about the romantic pink ones.

Thank you for stopping by again and welcome to my new followers as well as the old ones of course.



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