Happy Pink Saturday to you all!
   It is a beautiful sunny day here so I have been out in the garden but I wanted to join Beverly for her special pink Saturday today.
    The rose above is the Fairy rose and it is planted in an old iron stove that was left for garbage on the side of the road.All it needed to add interest to the garden was some French Blue paint and it gives a nice pop of color to the garden.The white flower is a double petunia.

The pink coneflowers are in bloom now.
Beebalm is also blooming.
Close up of The Fairy.
I love how the Polaris(or Polar Ice) looks bend over the iron birdbath.
This is an older shot of my peonies.
Pinwheel Phlox
I think this is Bright Eyes Phlox.
Again an older shot but it does have some pretty pink peonies.
Don't you love these pink lilies?
One of my favorite teapots.
A beautiful soft pink rose in our garden.
More pinks.
Well, I think my break from deadheading is over so I better get back to work- we have a couple of tours in the next few days and then we are hoping to have some family time as the' little ones' will be heading back to school soon and summer will be winding down.

I hope you will have time to visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound as she has a special day planned and you can help perform a miracle just by visiting her and leaving a comment $1. will be raised for a very worthy cause!

Enjoy your weekend,


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