Hello everyone.
       Hope you are enjoying your weekend. We are getting snow here now and the wind is supposed to increase so it sounds like we will get our first real snowstorm for this winter.
That makes for a cosy time to curl up by the fire and enjoy a cup of tea.
Since Tuesday is Valentine's Day I thought my heart shaped 2 tiered plate would be pretty with some nice heart shaped cookies. The pink fancy ones were made by my daughter.
Tea and a pretty book to peruse for inspiration.

Still enjoying my roses.
Did I mention the pretty teapot was a lovely Valentine's Day gift a few years ago from my beloved husband - I was delighted with it(still am-him too!) ha!ha!. How many husband's could find such a treasure all by themselves???

Thank you for visiting me.

If it is storming where you are,I hope you are warm and cozy inside.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,



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