Hello Everyone!
As I was looking at this photo from inside our little garden cottage ,the dollhouse that I bought from a thrift shop in Bangor,Maine reminded me of some photos I took at Lucy's Dollhouse in Camden Maine.

I was given permission to take a few pictures and I thought you might enjoy seeing them even though they were taken 4 years ago with my old camera

This shop is a haven for all doll house lover's -it had beautiful miniature furniture and other antique toys as well.

Just look at all the beautiful miniature furniture they have.

They specialize in unique dollhouse's and accessories and they do have an online shop here if you are interested.I would love to go back someday for another look around-I love the shop but also this entire town on the coast of Maine is just full of charm!

Also of special interest to all you miniature lovers is a beautiful blog called Cynthia's Cottage Design-please go and have a peek around. You'll be glad you did!
 Also, Sandy at Gramma's Little House shared a beautiful miniature make over in her dollhouse that I enjoyed seeing.

I know I mentioned that my daughters and I were going to see The Vow last night and I have to say we were all a bit disappointed in it as it was a little to light on the story for our taste-just sharing our opinion on it.

Thank you for visiting me today.



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