Hello Everyone,
     I have an extra special treat for you today! A lovely reader of my blog who has enjoyed collecting beautiful lace,linens and  china from all over the world has sent me some pictures of her most amazing collection.She has kindly allowed me to share the photos with you,dear readers! I adore this picture of the beautiful lace dress above.

This lovely lacy bed is also in the room with the dress.I love that pillow also!
This is a quote from my new blog friend.......One of my favorite treasures is this Irish crochet parasol. It came from
Canada through a dealer. It was lined with pink silk that was totally in
shreds. I took a deep breath and totally took it apart, cleaned it and put
it back together. I wasn't sure it would fit the frame when I went to put it
back on so it was a total leap of faith.

I have been drooling over these beautiful dresses for awhile now. Can't you just image the ladies of Avonlea (if you are an Anne of Green Gables fan) wearing these beautiful dresses and carrying the beautiful parasol-so delicious!
I love this one too!!! I see lots of pretty treasures in the background too-don't you?
Oh good! A closer look. Do you see all the beautiful hats too!!!

I have never seen so many beautiful treasures!
Such a sweet collection of baby things too!

I could spend all day just looking and admiring!
So beautiful!
I love how nicely everything is displayed too!

I especially love those shoes on the right!

Hats that even the Queen would be proud to wear!
And one for the Duchess too!
Just a little peek at some of the beautiful china my new friend has. I have some  pictures of her most gorgeous china to share with you next week and I know you will not be disappointed!!!
   Now,I have to tell you the owner of these most beautiful Victorian treasures does not have have a blog- PITY! Oh! well maybe someday.
 Thank you so much to this kind lady for taking the time to share her extensive collection with all of us.

We are expecting a snowstorm here over night with 20cm. of snow and high winds so winter is not over yet!

I am joining The Rose Garden in Malevik for Show off Saturday.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.



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