Hello everyone,
    I am still on a garden theme but with a pink twist as I am joining Beverly for Pink Saturday again. So this first photo is the clematis Josephine and the Therese Bugnet rose. I do love roses and clematis together as I am sure you do too.
Therese Bugnet again with a pretty lady statue in the background.
The hardy John Cabot peeking through our fence at the road.
I also love peony and roses together-don't you?

This is the amazing little rose The Fairy-that blooms most of the summer and into fall.
Our pink tree peony in bud.
a collage
Now for some softer garden pinks- a soft pink peony in  pretty pink china.
I am not sure which rose this is but if you look carefully there is a little white spider on it.

A very delicate pink geranium.
another pretty pink rose from our garden.

One thing I know for sure these roses and perennials have lots of snow protection from cold and wind! We have at least 3 feet over almost all parts of the garden.
Now if you love pretty pink things you must visit How Sweet the Sound and enjoy Pink Saturday!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend,



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