Hello everyone,

     It is stormy here again tonight but we are toasty warm inside so we can't complain and it is getting milder with rain before morning.
  So today I am sharing some creamy whites and when you get to the bottom I have some exciting news.

So, the exciting news is some of my photos are going to be featured in a new book from Norway coming out in April. The book is called Summer for all the Senses (pictured below) by Franciska Munck-Johansen. 
 I  was doing some blog hopping one evening and found Franciskas lovely blog and saw that there was a competition to enter some summer pictures to possibly be selected for the book that was closing that day. I quickly sent some photos and found out yesterday that my pictures were among those chosen! Now, I can't wait to see the book. The book can be preordered  and you can check out where by clicking here.
Thank you, Franciska for selecting some of my photos for your new book!

Just a little sample of the book-doesn't it look so pretty!

When I get my copy I will be sure to share it with you.

  Thank you for visiting me,



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