Hello everyone,
      How was your weekend? We had a storm today that gave us about 25 cm of new snow. Now I am thinking we have enough already but the forecast is for more on Tuesday.
 Since it was a storm day(our church was cancelled) and I was indoors for all but my daily walk,  I continued to play on Picasa(  obsessed, maybe) and I made more of the square matted photos to share.

These are photos I took in the last couple of years and look nothing like the white world around me today.
Let me think how long is it before I can go on a summer picnic again? Oh,never mind it is too far to count!

These photos were all taken a few miles from our home on a beautiful July day!

A beautiful blue bearded iris with raindrops.
My peonies in a blue vase.

Now, I hope I haven't left you feeling blue and don't worry I will soon be over my obsession and will have moved on to another one!

Take care,



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