Hello everyone,
     How is your weekend going? We did get the snow storm that was predicted so everyone here had some digging out to do today. The annual community tea party that I planned to attend morning had to be postponed as well as many other events. The snow plows are being kept busy this year keeping our Island roads open.
 Anyway, since I was home I did some garden planning and then enjoyed viewing some of my garden photos from previous years. So, I made some collages for you again- I hope I didn't hear you groan!

orange-well, actually peach
Yellow (sort of)
While I may be dreaming of spring this is my reality! We have more snow then we have had for several years and I hate to say it, but winter is not over yet- we can still get a lot of snow in March at the rate things are going. There is no frost in the ground though so when it starts to melt it can go fairly quickly.....maybe!
 Now, if you southern bloggers(or European) have flowers blooming in your garden could you please hold off on posting them for awhile yet? It's not easy for me being green(with envy)! Actually, I love seeing your gardens and I know spring will come here sooner or later and you never know what ideas I can steal from seeing yours!
So, do you have a favorite color of the rainbow?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,



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