Hello everyone,
    I popped in to share a little more of the garden as it is changing on a daily basis as more and more peonies etc. are coming into bloom. I think all the moisture and cooler temperatures have been good for the garden as blooms seem more plentiful this year.

This is the view from our screened porch on the south of the house.

This is the opposite side of the same garden area but looking west now.
This is the center bed.
This is the terrace that Andrew built several years ago but this spring he replaced the roof as the old one collapsed with the weight of the snow.The virginia creeper had to be cut back severely but it is quickly growing again. I like when it covers most of the top as it gives shade for those summer meals.
The Miss Canada lilac is a mass of color and fragrance by the terrace.
I love having these lilacs that were bred in Canada as they are later then the french ones,so it extends the season.
We have been enjoying our visitors from Japan- they are always amazed at the space and that Andrew and I do all the gardening ourselves. Our little summer cottage is a popular spot!
I hope you all enjoy this lovely long weekend!



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