Hello everyone,
   I hope you all had a lovely weekend-it is such a beautiful time of the year. Of course,I am often out taking pictures in our garden so I have a few to share with you today.

I took these photos about a week ago and already the view has changed.
The Miss Canada lilac is in full bloom here.
The potted blue hydrangeas was wintered over in the pot in our basement and in the fall it will go back there again as I like how early it blooms when I do that.

The photo above was taken yesterday.There is a pink peony in the foreground and roses blooming on the other side in the background.
The Virginia creeper is creeping toward the top of the terrace.
I picked a big bouquet of flowers for the table.

I love this heavy vase my daughter gave me for my birthday a few years ago.
I wish you all a happy Monday. It is supposed to be sunny here and I am hoping to head to the beach as we don't have any tours for a few days.

I am joining Cielo at the house in the roses for Show off your Cottage monday.

Take care,



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