Hello Everyone,
    We are enjoying our summer days in the garden as our temperatures are warm but not hot with enough rain to keep the garden green and lush.- we had a good rain last night. Yesterday,my husband and I spent most of the day weeding,edging,deadheading and even moving a few perennials around because of clashing colors(watered them well).Normally,I wouldn't move at this time but because it is not as hot this summer and there is more moisture I think it will work.
We do have some Island ladies coming for a tour tomorrow evening.
The delphiniums are still putting on a pretty good show.

The hydrangeas are starting to bloom now and I love how they put on a good show for weeks with no attention.

The view from our balcony.

Annebelle Hydrangea with a Jackmani Clematis in the background.

Well,this is some of the highlights of our garden in summer.Next time I will show you the areas I missed today.
Now for my big news.........I am so excited to be included in Jo-Anne Coletti's new Feminine Home magazine that is coming out in August.Jo-Anne has the most romantic and feminine style and so many talents-I know many of you are already fans but if you have not seen her work yet please Check out her blog  Vintage Rose Collection and you can order a copy of her first magazine or pre order her new one coming soon.! Many thanks to Jo-Anne for including some of my photos of the garden etc. but also Thank you to my friend Linda at Beautiful Ideas for sending Jo-Anne to my blog- you should also stop in to see all Linda's beautiful ideas-you will be happy you did!

I hope you are enjoying your summer days too!



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