Hello everyone,

It is a beautiful sunny day here - a perfect day to enjoy the garden but first I want to share my newest garden treasure. Yesterday, we went for a drive to Victoria by the Sea and stopped at Reid House Antiques nearby where I always find some treasures. I was really excited when I asked if the green iron bench was for sale and she said yes-$30. We tied it in to the trunk of our car and I smiled all the way home! If you would like to see the photos I took last year at the quaint little village of Victoria by the Sea click here.

So when we got home I had to find a perfect spot for it in the garden.

and then dress it up a little

the bicycle is a perfect match for it don't you think?

and my old green picnic basket

the basket of the bicycle is full of sweet rocket that will grow wild along our roadsides and looks so pretty with the lupins. It smells wonderful too but it does reseed rather prolifically in our garden.

my old watering can with a garden bouquet

This is a color combo that I like in behind the garden bench-the viburnum snowball bush, my Dad's early peony and my favorite hardy geranium Magnificum.

Sit for a spell and enjoy the beauty of nature and inhale the fragrance of the lilac behind you and the honeysuckle vines beside you and let any worries and cares slip away!

I am joining in with Cindy at My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday again so once again there is lots of beauty to enjoy there.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend,



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