Good Morning,

I hope you are all enjoying these early summer days. The garden is changing so fast it is hard to keep up with all the new blossoms.but today I would like to share my little rose garden with you.

Some of you might remember my garden statue 'Mary Magdeline' a valentine gift from my husband last year.

The little rose garden is a the south end of our little garden cottage.

I planted some roses-mostly Therese Bugnet suckers in a square around the table and chair set.

There is also a pink beautybush in bloom in behind Mary M. Would you like a cup of tea while you are here. The beauty and fragrance of the roses right now make this a very special place to enjoy our tea.

Therese Bugnet is a very hardy rose with a lovely fragrance and nice red stems that look good even in winter.

Well, I just had some beautiful little fairies come to visit so you will be seeing them soon too. Don't you just love the joys of summer!

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