Hello everyone,

My peonies are in bloom now so I am happy to share some photos that I took of them today with all of you because I am sure everyone loves peonies!

As some of you may remember we have over one hundred peonies in our garden. The early ones have come and gone but most of them are in bloom now with a few later ones yet to come.

These photos were taken in our terrace and as I was taking them I was enjoying the roses blooming in the background.

I love all the different colors and shapes of peonies.

Love their fragrance and I love them in bouquets as well as in the garden.

When I turned to get shots on this side-I enjoyed some of the peonies blooming in the garden behind.

Blooming in the background here is the lovely Miss Canada lilac and on the right the Japanese Ivory Silk lilac is yet to bloom and it also has a lovely sweet fragrance. I love that the lilac and peony season can be extended a bit by having different varieties that bloom at different times. Alas, it is still not long enough to suit me but for everything there is a season! At least I can enjoy the memories of them through my photos.

Well, that is a few of my peonies but if you would like to visit tomorrow I have more to share.

I hope I didn't hear a groan because I have LOTS more. Aren't you glad if you get tired of my obsessions you can just pull the plug on me -not so for my dear husband!

Take care,



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