Hello everyone,

We had a lovely garden tour today and I thought you might like to come along! It is overcast calm and a little cool - so a good day to see the garden, I think. I am checking out the hillside garden-it does have a few weeds but hopefully nobody cares!
We had a lovely group of 35 from Japan today and they seemed to be enjoying themselves. One visitor handed me some photos of our garden that she took last year when she was here-great to have repeat visitors!
They enjoyed Martha's garden-the deutzias are just starting to bloom.
the viburnum, lupin and iris look pretty together.
The first of our lilacs are still blooming but will soon be past.they will be followed by the Preston Lilacs developed in Canada and then the Japanese ivory silk lilacs. I am happy to stretch out the lilac season.
Our hosta bed under the trees has filled in nicely.
The honeysuckle vine on the cottage has a lovely fragrance as does the Dame's Rocket(mauve and white phlox like flower)
                             There has been a lot of growth in the last couple of weeks.

I bought this tree peony a few years ago and I love the large papery blooms it has.
This is an early peony that my Dad gave me many years ago and it has been divided several times. The color is really a little darker then this in real life.
                              A few hardy roses are blooming-this is Terese Bugnet

I love this Geurnsey Cream clematis. It is in it's third year so it is putting on more of a show this year.

                                           The lupin and allium look pretty together.

                    And now it is time to say goodbye- you all come back now!!!

Hope you enjoyed the tour-we have another tour Wednesday morning so I may be missing for a couple of days.


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