Hello everyone,

It is blossom time here in our garden as the old apple trees are loaded with blossoms this year. The fragrance is so lovely from them it makes working in the garden a pleasure.

there are lots of birds and bees fluttering in and out of them.

The lilacs are starting to bloom on many of the lilac shrubs.

The flowering crabs are blooming also.

Another old apple tree with the hammock for you to enjoy.

Beauty of Moscow lilac- probably my favorite lilac

I think this one is Maidens Blush.

Speaking of blossoms- isn't she a beauty! this is little Lila with her Mama -our daughter Emily.

Lila and big brother Noah- I love how tenderly he is hugging his little sister

This robin flew into our screened porch and perched on the bed when I was by the window inside with my camera so I was able to get a clear shot.

I do enjoy the activity and songs of the birds in the garden. This year we have a chickadee in the church bird house a few feet from our door-so there is almost constant activity in and out to feed the young.

We have our first house and garden tour with tea and dessert for 16 visitors from Japan on Saturday so I won't be posting until after the tour. We have a couple of big beds in the garden to do and then the garden will be looking good although there is that little lull in between tulips and daffodils but before peonies.geraniums,lupins etc. so hopefully they will enjoy the blossoms. My daughter gave me a recipe for chocolate carrot cake that I love so I am going to make it for them-hope there are leftovers.HeHe
After the first tour it will be just maintenance in the garden for the rest of the season so we will have more time to relax-I think! More time for tea parties,Island tour days, and relaxing on the veranda,going to the beach etc.-sounds good, doesn't it!!!

I hope you have a lovely weekend,



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