Hello everyone,

We had another lovely group here this morning to tour the garden. It was a beautiful sunny day and it is such a pleasure to share the garden with such enthusiastic visitors. After leaving our garden they go to visit the late Tasha Tudor's garden in Vermont-I would love to be going with them. The tour guide met Tasha three years ago when she was still quite well. If you would like to see a beautiful video of Tasha's garden go here and visit Anna at A Very Fairy Garden.

The tree peony and early peonies from our garden. I have a white tree peony but I had to move it a couple of years ago and it has sulked ever since-hopefully next year it will bloom.

Some of the early lilacs(french) are still blooming and the Preston lilacs are just starting to bloom.


A basket full of lilacs

Lilacs in the cottage

I hope you enjoyed a little random beauty today. I enjoyed some free time this afternoon with our grandson Alec and now I am off to visit my sweet Mama. I hope you had a good day too!

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