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I wanted to share some of the blooms in our garden today.We have been getting a lot of rain lately and for awhile i was pleased because the garden was so dry but now it is enough already! We are promised some sunshine for tomorrow before it rains again in the late afternoon. I was reading a nice book on photography(Digital Flower Photography) and I spent a few minutes this morning practicing as the rain had stopped. While I was out I saw lots of busy bees and even some cedar waxwings. I was able to get a good shot of the bees but not the cedar waxwings.Someday next week I am going to sit out in the garden with my camera on a tripod and practice on bird shots.

The bleeding hearts are still hanging in there.

As are a few late blooming tulips.

The apple blossoms are still pretty but already there are showers of petals falling to the ground.

The lilacs are coming to the fore front for their time of glory.

The viburnums are starting to bloom-I love the green color of the snowballs.

This is the first clematis to bloom in our garden.

The magnolia (one of the little girls maybe Anne)

The lilacs are starting to bloom

Johnson's blue geranium

This is yellow bird magnolia -a birthday gift from my husband a few years ago. It is borderline hardy in our garden so I had to cover it a few nights that we had frost but it is starting to bloom now. It is still small so it doesn't have more then twenty blooms but they grow fast when they establish.

I love this primrose lilac as it has yellow buds starting out before becoming creamy white.

You can see the raindrops on the lilacs.

This is an annual snapdragon that I picked up a few flats of to fill in a few bare spots on the hillside garden.

I love this Phlox divaricata 'Clouds of Perfume'.It seems to bloom a good few weeks. I would like to get the white one too but I haven't found it locally.

The pink tree peony will soon bloom. It is so pretty.

The clematis again

My favorite crabapple tree-unfortunately I forget the variety.

Beauty of Moscow lilac

the alliums are blooming now and I love them even the seed heads are pretty later on.

And to end, another collage!

I am joining Cindy at My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday again if I am not to late. If you haven't already be sure to check out all the lovely shows.

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