Our garden is coming into it's own as the roses are starting to bloom along with the lilacs,peonies,iris, honeysuckle,hardy geraniums,lupins , sweet rocket,etc. The fragrance is incredible as you stroll through the garden especially in the early morning and the evening. The birds are singing and there are lots of butterflies fluttering about. It would be hard not to enjoy all the beauty in the June garden.

Today, I am sharing some closeups as I practiced some with my new macro lens.

This is the Agnes rose - I love the soft yellow color of this hardy rose.

Spanish bluebell

I would never know this is Lady's Mantle-macro lens open up a whole new world of beauty.

Therese Bugnet

A crinkle edge oriental poppy

You might have noticed I love the Agnes rose

The tree peony is still blooming

Today, my husband and I went for a drive to Victoria by the Sea so I will share some photos of that later. I found a treasure for the garden at Reid House Antiques that I am happy to have and that will be tomorrow's post. I hope you can come back again!

It is sunny and warm here now and it is supposed to get hot on the weekend so I am off to enjoy the garden.

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