Hi everyone,

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend! I went to an auction sale today-my first in a long time. I think it will be my last for awhile too. I did, however, get a few good buys but a couple of things I really wanted went over my budget-don't you hate when that happens? They did have lots of beautiful dishes but it was a very long sale so I didn't stay for all of it. I came home with my usual array of cracked and chipped old dishes that no one else even bid on- I wonder why? Ha!

Anyway, I will show them to you later.

I wanted to share some autumn beauty from my garden today.

I picked a few flowers from the garden-enough to fill my basket.

So then I made a lovely fall bouquet to enjoy.

It is interesting to watch the little songbirds eating the coneflower seeds and the robins especially are loving the black elderberries. I hope they don't mind me picking a few.

I love this obedient plant-some of them are real spreaders but this one that I bought at a yard sale several years ago has stayed in place not sure which variety it is though.

I like how these look together.

Now, I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!



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